Youth Olympic Games — let teenagers benefited from sports health way of life

Youth Olympic Games, youth Olympic Games, youth Olympic Games for short. It is a specially designed for the young man set up sports events, combines sports, education and culture in the areas of content, and to promote these areas and the common development of the Olympic Games and to play the role of a catalyst. The youth Olympic Games every four years, the longest summer youth Olympic Games 12 days.

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Youth Olympic Games is an international event for teenagers, is young people worldwide, the highest level of comprehensive sports event, participants age limit to 15 to 18, events much the same as the Olympic Games, a few different.

The games designed to gather around the world all talented young players, in a highly competitive level events; In addition, still should be in the Olympic spirit has become a education significance of the project, make teenagers benefited from sports healthy way of life.

Youth Olympic Games content integration of education and culture, encourage young people to the Olympic values to life, and become the ambassador of the Olympic spirit.

Youth Olympic Games idea is based on the youth, for youth, spread widely in adolescents, the Olympic concept of “excellence, friendship and respect”, making it the juvenile common ideal; Healthy adolescents set an example, to encourage and guide the youth to actively participate in sports, in participation, interaction, sharing atmosphere grow up happily. At the same time in the share the Olympic spirit to enjoy the pleasure of sports bring to us.

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