When traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage, and whether it will arrive on time or at all. For many, though, losing track of luggage is a sad and frustrating reality, and can often dampen the excitement of traveling. So when creating MYNT, we sought to make a reliable and effective product, that saves time and anxiety for everyday activities. We heard back from the Garcia family recently, where they explained how the MYNT tracker did just that and helped secure their luggage while flying abroad. 

The Garcia family was headed to Italy and was initially stressed about losing luggage after having lost their packed valuable family heirlooms before. So, they got their hands on an MYNT tracker, which appealed to them due to its simple app and attractive prize. The family each attached the tracking devices to their luggage and set off for their thrilling adventure. After arriving in Rome, the family experienced a bit of difficulty communicating with airport staff and wasn’t able to locate their luggage. Luckily, the younger son Kevin was able to pull up the MYNT app on his phone, and quickly guide his family to a different baggage claim where their luggage sat. The airline bechanced to make a few errors concerning luggage arrival, and many travelers were left stranded, searching for their possessions. The Garcia family, however, were quickly able to grab their things and head out to the city and start their vacation. Throughout their trip, MYNT was dependable and notified each person of their luggage’s whereabouts, allowing the family to relax and enjoy traveling without constantly keeping track of their items.
This is just another example of our product saving people time, worry, and even valuables with ease and efficiency. Due to the intuitive UI design of the app and MYNT’s accurate tracking abilities, the Garcia family and many others can focus on more important activities, rather than hunting down what should never be lost. That’s our primary goal with each product into which we invest our creativity and energy––to provide a painless experience; that promotes living a purposeful life. Traveling with MYNT ensures that your items are in good hands, and in your control. Life can get pretty hectic, so it’s relieving to have a trustworthy smart companion by your side. With MYNT, you’ll never lose your things or time again, and can focus more on doing things and not looking for things.