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Tracking Device Saving Lost Or Misplaced Items

Naturally, most of us have misplaced or at least thought we had lost items during a vacation or business travel. In the scenario of traveling, the fear of losing our luggage is number one. Surprisingly, in a recent letter we received from one of our latest customers, we hear him describe how our MYNT tracking device helped him find his luggage on one of his most recent trips overseas. John is a consultant for the energy industry and travels with his laptop in-hand, and two suitcases, one with his clothes and the other filled with important files.
John wrote us and told us how he found our tracking device a great help in locating one of his pieces of luggage that had gone missing when he landed at his latest destination. First, he told us that he had had this type of experience before which lead him to investigate and purchase our MYNT tracking device. What drove him to try it is the range of 50 meters, (150 foot), and the easy to use app that worked with his iPhone6.
Accordingly, when he landed at Heathrow airport in London, one of his two cases had gone missing. Interestingly enough, with the aid of our application, he was able to locate his missing case at a luggage carousel, not 50 feet from where he was standing. This not only saved him time, dealing with the lost luggage desk, but it also relieved him from a great amount of unnecessary stress. John had purchased three of our MYNT devices and placed one on each of his pieces of luggage and one on his carry-on which contained his laptop.
John, put it to us in this manner, “A friend of mine told about your MYNT tracking device through a friend of mine and after reading about it and seeing the small size of it, (5.5cm), decided to give it a try. Incidentally, after the experience during this latest business trip, I am going to get one for my car, for those times I forget where I park in the large parking garages I end up in.”
John went on to say he loved that fact that he can utilize our device as a pointer, using it for his presentations during his business meetings with clients and potential clients. Additionally, being pleased with the size of it, being small enough to fit on his key ring. John will no longer have to worry about losing his luggage when he travels.
Seeing how our MYNT tracker has worked for John and his friend that told him about it, we are further driven to extend our gratitude and thanks for their continued support and word of mouth advertising by spreading their praise about how well the device helps to save time and money by helping people keep a close eye on their belongings as well as being a useful tool for their business needs.