The matters needing attention of fitness

The matters needing attention of fitness

1. Pay attention to seasonal change

Practice: (1) spring spring functions tend to be more active and strengthen the human body, bathed in the spring to spring practice, can make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, spirits, and can adjust the function of the nervous system, the improved process of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex, improve the body’s immunity.


According to the early spring weather is changeable, the germ of characteristics should prevent disease and ensure health. Outdoor exercise spring to do the following:

(1) master of climate change. Early spring warm climate, the outdoor exercise should dress properly, pay attention to cold warm at any time, in order to avoid sweating catch cold catch cold, cause the constriction of blood vessels to the nose and the upper respiratory tract, cause to fly into the pathogenic microorganism, catch a cold exogenous. After exercise, should immediately with a soft towel dry the body sweat, and promptly put on warm clothes, walking slowly 100 meters, 200 meters.

(2) be protected. Spring fog, sand, also shoulds not be too great exercise body exposed part, caused by body of be affected with damp be affected with damp cold induced pain; Don’t exercise in dusty places, learn to nasal suction shout, don’t choke.

(3) reasonable arrangement of exercise. In the environment beautiful, the scenery pleasant exercise easily blissfully unaware. If exercise over the body burden, cause fatigue reaction, should adjust batch number. Reasonable sports load should be restored in 1 hour after exercise. On the other hand, is the overload. Some weakings or lack of exercise, exercise habits of old people, must follow the workout from small to large, action from easy to difficult, from simple to complex principle.

(2) xia lian: shall be conducted in the morning exercise, exercise program such as walking, jogging, tai chi, you should avoid strenuous exercise. Burning hot summer in high temperature environment is easy to suffer heatstroke. In order to avoid heat stroke methods and measures of the following should be taken:

At 11 ~ 16 (1) to avoid hot time to exercise, reduce the heat radiation on the body directly from the outside.

(2) for the outdoor exercise is worn shade of white hat or with branches and leaves woven together, should be in white or light color, good permeability, texture soft, loose clean clothes.

(3) in the process of movement, to increase the batch number, 10 ~ 15 minutes at a time. and

On the shade, quiet place to rest, exercise time shoulds not be too long, 20 to 40 minutes at a time.

(4) when the intermittent, but drink weak brine or cool drinks heat hydrosols (green bean soup, fruit juice, gold and silver, etc.).

(5) exercise immediately after the bath with warm water. After bath, and self massage for 5 ~ 6 minutes to achieve the effect of eliminate fatigue.

6. Heat stroke symptoms such as exercise, should immediately suspend movement, transferred to a cool ventilated place, breathing the fresh air, take off your clothes, release the button, and cold in the brow department or axillary.

All landowners appeared dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, the elderly, can take it upright, prompting fashionistas drugs, such as water or rheo-camphoradin such as symptoms should go to a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment.


 (3) practice: autumn exercisers should be early to bed and early to rise, keep peaceful mind. Autumn day high air, it is the good period of exercise, carry out various exercisers can combine activity, such as tai chi, doing gymnastics, mountain climbing, etc.

(4) practice: winter winter the elderly should be early to bed late, it’s best to exercise when sunny again. To do exercises before the movement, carry momentum gradually increase, avoid exercise in the cold, heavy snow, and the north.

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