The magnificence of sports figures


The magnificence of sports figures

Anwar, fall

Players exaggerated fall on the ground, but like anwar really wonderful than, fell so rare. Some netizens described: “he first fly forward rotation and a half weeks, three weeks after landing, the expression of pain to keep arms legs position for 30 seconds, only to a slight physical contact. Then jump up, the everything is back to normal after a few seconds.”

Bartow li jump

French women’s tennis athlete Marion bartow li very active on the court, her jump can not only keep your body moving, there are also provoking rival. In the wimbledon final in July 2013, bartow li jumps the rival, had got dizzy. Bartow li finally won the wimbledon champion.

Lin military salute

Both his temperament and his male shuttler anecdotes and xie xingfang, Lin is one of the most popular male shuttler today athletes. After the standard military salute has become his exclusive celebration. When Lin to complete this symbolic gesture, can always impress the audience’s warm applause. The military complex is also one of his popular reason.

Maria sharapova roars

Maria sharapova to win the grand slams, she roars of credit. Netizens are calling, maria sharapova roaring db high enough to puncture the opponent of the eardrum. Indeed, sharapova play the sound will get upset, but we still have plenty of reason to forgive her, isn’t it?

Ryan giggs age

Just spend the 40th birthday of the Manchester united midfielder Ryan giggs is hale and hearty, “giggs age” is used to describe good veteran on the pitch. No matter who giggs is 20 or 40 years old, don’t want to have his left foot?

Henry shot

In 2009, Henry with a handball, let France boarded the last bus to the World Cup in South Africa, this caused controversy throughout the world. But that does not kill Henry striker contribution, in particular, he is good at from the left into the box, and then with his right foot kick out beautiful arc, the back. This shot is called “Henry shot”.

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