The benefits of running to give you

The benefits of running to give you

1. Let your skin becomes better

Running can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, these can make your skin becomes better. Harry medical center (British well-known hospitals) dermatologist ChristopherRowlandPayne analysis, said: “because of the movement and promote blood circulation and skin cells that more and more effectively to accept the oxygen and nutrients, discharge of harmful substances. Exercise is to the body’s production of collagen to create the ideal environment, help relieve skin wrinkles and accelerate repair the healing process.” Note to run after cleaning and moisturizing.

2. Make you smarter

Running can increase the blood flow in the brain and promote brain development, run more and more let a person clever. According to the national institute of aging neuroscience lab preliminary confirmed that a subject through a few weeks of exercise training, people will perform better on cognitive tests. And the experimental results show that a period of running or other endurance training, can increase the number of neurons in the brain, promote brain function of memory and learning.

3. Improve sleep

Is running to produce endorphins, the body’s own production of the best neuroleptic agents, can improve sleep quality. Some people running in the evening may become excited nerve, suggest the sleepless running in the morning or afternoon.

4. Solve constipation

Running can make abdominal muscle, such as anal muscle, outside the anus sphincter contraction, stimulate colonic peristalsis, strengthen defecation function, so as to maintain defecate unobstructed.

5. Enhance immunity

St George’s hospital in London, chief sitology expert CathCollins said: “moderate exercise for immune cells are more active, so that they can overcome the virus invasion.” Must pay attention to the moderate principle, if the exercise intensity is too large, it will weaken the role of immune cells, such as in a day or two after the marathon, people are more susceptible to colds.

6. Prevent bone, muscle degeneration

Human bones and muscles, as the growth of the age gradually decline, according to Lamarck’s theory of “use it or lose it”, insist for a long time to run the aerobic exercise, is conducive to healthy bones, muscles, to prevent deterioration.

7. Lifestyle disease prevention

Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, allergy, male ED, such as lifestyle disease, mostly due to the improper diet, lack of exercise. Insist for a long time running, healthy diet, a good routine combination, can keep you away from lifestyle diseases.

8. Improve your attention

When you run, you will focus, ready to deal with various emergencies. In the long term, when doing other things, you must also be so focused.

9. Expand your circle of friends

Can be found everywhere

Running circles, because have a common interest, you can very easily fit in, come in contact with people from all walks of life, it will expand your circle of friends.

10. Quickly get a sense of achievement

Should be no thing will be easier than running to let you experience a sense of accomplishment, when you run the 40 minutes later, the satisfaction of the target is achieved, will make you feel is the greatest person in the world. And for those who during the period of school, sports people who never fail, could continue to run on 15 minutes you will get a strong sense of achievement.

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