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SLIFE Improves Healthy Daily Routine

We created SLife as a source of motivation for all types of individuals. Our app is designed to help create a healthy lifestyle based on your everyday routine. If you find yourself too busy to engage in regular fitness activity, SLife will provide you with the best alternatives for a vigorous daily regime. We always enjoy hearing stories from our users on how SLife has significantly impacted their regular day-to-day routine. Nancy rejoiced to Slightech about how SLife has managed to turn her hectic days into well-planned out methods with beneficial, healthy physical activity.

When Nancy shared her story, she took pride in her busy schedule. When she’s not taking her children to sports practices or dance recitals, she’s running her own flower shop. At the time, Nancy happily admitted that she loved every aspect of her life but wished she was able to manage her daily routine more efficiently. Since Nancy was always on the go, she downloaded SLife to keep track of her daily steps simply. However, after using our app for a week, she realized SLife provided a bit more than just health benefits. Nancy was greatly appreciative of SLife’s activity route feature. She simply relies on SLife to record her daily activity which is then transfigured into an easily accessible route map. Nancy was able to choose quickly the most time efficient paths by simply comparing the time marks displayed at the bottom of each map route. Since Nancy is expected to arrive promptly to her children’s extracurricular activities, she trusted SLife to keep track of her time stamps. She found herself checking her life history quite frequently. This feature allowed her to view her arrival time to any location along with the amount of time spent there. Nancy used the life track to calculate quickly the best departure time for each location to arrive punctually to all of her destinations.

Although Nancy primarily enjoyed using SLife to assist her in time management, she also found herself engaging in a more physical activity. When Nancy opens the app and sees the displayed daily fitness goal, she feels inclined to reach it. Having a preset goal has motivated Nancy to be much more aware of the number of steps she takes throughout her day. SLife has encouraged Nancy to walk to certain destinations for her to attain her daily goal. Nancy enthusiastically admitted that SLife has positively shaped her day-to-day experience in more than just one way. She’s happy with the guidance SLife has provided in both her personal and fitness experience.