SLife: Healthy Living Made Easy

Here at Slightech, we’ve continuously been improving our SLife application, a lifestyle and health app that enables users to see, share, and store their life. This app is more than just a fitness tracker and calorie counter. It calculates your daily fitness goal based on gender, age, height, weight, and activity level, records the number of steps users take and distance traveled, displays your day as a simple storyline, plots your routes on a map, calculates calories burned each day, displays a weekly fitness trend chart, and enables users to share their progress with friends via text, email, and social networks.


We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback about SLife these past few weeks, specifically with praise for how the app records and shows the user’s activity over long spans of times, such as a month. Users also love the fitness motivation the app encourages.


One of our app’s users, Sarah, wrote to us about her experience using SLife. Sarah currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she attends medical school. She understands the importance of health, and it is something she hopes to emphasize throughout her career to her patients. However, between medical school classes and clinical hours, Sarah struggles to find time to go to the gym herself. “Healthy eating is great,” she wrote, “But it is not enough.” Sarah downloaded SLife in hopes of finding an app that would motivate her to exercise and help her stay dedicated to fitness over the long run. The reason she loves using SLife is because of its many features and how the app adds a purpose to her exercise routine.


“Exercise is addictive. Once you see and feel the improvements on your body, it’s hard to stop. Slightech keeps me focused not only on my daily exercise goals but helps keep track of my progress over time. I can see the numbers recorded on my app, and, for me, they come to life when I look at myself in the mirror and feel good,” Sarah says. “I enjoy using SLife because it is personalized to me and is accurate. I used to be an avid runner and was regularly training for 5k marathons. The app has a great feature that calculates your steps taken as the percentage of a marathon length you’ve run. Just this feature alone keeps me running on the treadmill a little bit longer each day and has encouraged me to walk to work.”


We greatly appreciated Sarah’s positive feedback and are glad that our SLife app has had such a positive effect on her. Our intention is to make the app user-friendly and something that keeps people engaged. We understand that people are busy, and fitness is a time commitment. Additionally, users shouldn’t have to take further time out of their schedule to try and understand how to use a health and lifestyle app. With a sleek and intuitive interface, SLife is easy to use and customized to each user. It ultimately encourages the healthiest lifestyle possible. Based on the review Sarah sent us, it sounds like our app is serving its purpose.