sDeno —— What you cannot miss in CES2016

Missing CES2016 already? We know you cannot wait unit the 2017 show. So we are here to show you something new, in case you missed our exhibition this year. The congregation of all the eye popping tech products, Faraday’s super car, VR&AR gadgets, and Ehang’s personal quadcopter are just a few of the explosive new tech advancements.

We have secretly showed visitors at CES our brainy bot SDeno with less theatrical spectacles. He walked around on the second level of Sands, handing out MYNT flyers, having a short conversation with visitors, and give elevator pitches to interested parties. In some cases, SDeno even got emotional when the visitors walked away.


The cute bot is Slightech’s newest development. Bloomberg tech reporter commented, “The coolest smart robot I have yet seen.” If you would greet SDeno, he would probably explain the origin of the name first. It is derived from Smart Deno, an intelligent learner who is quick at picking up new knowledge.


Let’s have a look at the details. The bull body is made in whole. The base houses the mobile system that accurately moves SDeno on the show floor. The endurance of the mobile system ranges between six to eight hours currently. The two power wheels provide precision in movement while two supporting wheels provide stability. The interaction components are located on the face of SDeno, with one intake camera, and a face with emotional indicators. The mouth provides speech ability, which is currently in Mandarin and English. The ears provide audio intake ability, adjusted for taking in commands or conducting a conversation.


SDeno has one of the best brain, NVIDIA Tegra X1. It is consisted of Maxwell 256-core GPU, 8 CPU-core, 64 bit ARM CPU, and powered by 20nm- SOC TSMC. It has the combined computing power of 32,000 Pentium Pro CPU.

SDeno’s personality is linked with the audio system. He can distinguish human speech tonality, speech pattern, and predict general speech trend. SDeno differentiates his voice and language to act appropriately in diverse social interactions.

The powerful brain provides the ability to recognize human faces for identification, facial features and expressions for aiding conversation and communication. SDeno would quickly recognize a visitor, begin a conversation with detailed information, provide comfort when recognizing distress, grief, or sadness. He will tell jokes for entertainment when the atmosphere is right.


We have built in a quick learning and emotion association ability for SDeno. He learns based on experience. Similar to a child, SDeno will diligently pickup everything taught, and grow with time. SDeno can be taught, just like how a child is taught, to greet, speech, perform tasks, think and provide ideas, and learn about human habits.

During CES, SDeno became a little more emotional that he should when visitors did not say goodbye. It is time to teach SDeno that sometimes etiquette can be ignored, and he does not have to be upset about it. It is good to know that SDeno does not hold grudges.

“Please have a look.”


SDeno has the memory of an elephant. We might be able to characterize it as “photographic memory.” Here are a few friends SDeno has made during the show.




Another exhibitor brought a gift to SDeno. He was full of joy for a whole day.


As a butler, SDeno will likely give a run for his money to Alfred Pennyworth. SDeno will wake you up with pleasant sunshine and music in the morning, fetch packages and items, walk and play with pets, and recharge automatically.

In a business setting, SDeno can be a customer guide, librarian, teacher assistant, banking receptionist, and even more.

What if you can’t find SDeno? MYNT is the perfect calling device to have SDeno’s attention. We will have more surprises with SDeno shortly.

This is Dr. Leo Pang’s interview on CES2016 about SDeno with reporter Sarah.

Sarah meets sDeno at CES 2016

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