The MYNT app works to offer effective and meaningful solutions for users and promote consideration in all aspects. Whether through tracking capabilities or its functionalities as a remote, the MYNT tracker acts a smart companion through each daily activity. And so, it lend us incredible joy to discover from our community of MYNT users and share their experiences of feel comfort and usefulness through MYNT.
For example, we recently learned from Jocelyn, who volunteers in Nicaragua educating local businesses about common and competitive practices that might further their companies. While living in the city, Jocelyn took in a dog to keep her company and offer some protection. After falling head over heels for her new companion, a scruffy dog named “Bear,” Jocelyn soon received a care-package from her parents containing toys and an MYNT tracker.
Over the phone, Jocelyn shyly laughs that she never expected to use the tracker, since she only had so many valuable possessions she chose to worry about and was a bit wary of having to maintain yet another tech deviceHowever, after Bear one night managed to escape the house and was fortunately found, Jocelyn decided to utilize the MYNT tracker. According to Jocelyn, the device initially provided peace of mind, as she could easily locate Bear within seconds and never need to worry about him running loose again. Then, she realized the MYNT did a bit more than that––the tracking device treated her time and most importantly, her dog, with value and care that reflected her adoration for Bear.
Another appealing aspect of the MYNT tracking application is its adjustability of alarms and notifications system, and its ability to be customized to her preferencesParticularly during important meetings or presentations, Jocelyn found that the tracking app’s sensitivity could be easily augmented so as not to disrupt her. Similarly, Jocelyn told us she was amazed by the timeliness of the notifications––the second Bear would run out of range; the app gently notified both with a beeping and written alarm, and effectively guided her to Bear’s location.
Over the last few months, Jocelyn has used MYNT as a source of comfort in a pivotal time in her career and personal development. Through MYNT, she has found relief in worrying about whether her beloved pal is safe, and can now spend more time playing with Bear and excelling at work. That is our goal with MYNT––to make more time for our users to spend doing what they loverather than worrying about the things they love. In this way, we have grown as a teamlearning to make a useful and meaningful product that impacts people‘s lives.
Hearing stories from people like Jocelyn encourages us to keep doing what we do, and to pursue higher goals. What started as a simple tracking device has developed into a smart companion that accompanies our users through the highs and lows of daily life, and strives to make things a little easier. MYNT exceeds expectations daily for both our users and our team, and we are excited to see the many ways in which MYNT positively affects the lives of others.