MYNT: The Smarter Companion with Camera Shutter Functionalities

We wanted to share with you an engaging and thoughtful review we received from a customer who discovered MYNT’s camera functionalities quite compelling. In his email, Michael D. revealed he was simply looking for a way to retrieve his keys more easily, since his mornings can grow hectic while preparing for work. According to Michael, while heading out one morning, he forgot to bring his specially purposed Bluetooth remote that accesses his phone’s camera, yet did not realize his mistake until on his daily commute. That day, Michael apparently was hoping to snap a few pictures with a coworker on her last day, and was disappointed since he now would need to ask someone to sit out on group photos to take the picture. Though he knew it was not an entirely devastating mistake, Michael was a bit annoyed that he did not use the device very frequently and was missing out on an opportunity to use his special remote.

Surprisingly, it was another coworker who reminded Michael that MYNT also allows you to take pictures using Bluetooth. Since that was not Michael’s intention in purchasing the device, he completely disregarded its extra capabilities. Michael told us he was at first a bit wary of setting up the device’s camera remote functionalities, fearing it would take too long or be confusing. However, the updated app and its user-friendly interface quickly guided Michael to take the correct steps to set up the camera remote. Then, he was able to take pictures throughout the day without asking for assistance, and soon discovered that MYNT provided more than tracking services. In fact, Michael explained he now prefers his MYNT over his remote, since its sleek and thin design fits quite well into his pocket or backpack, while his special remote is far bulkier. Similarly, Michael claimed that MYNT’s connection to Bluetooth worked much more cohesively than his remote, as he often experiences difficulties with the latter device while taking pictures. Apparently, the brand named remote frequently needs to be re-paired with his phone, and disconnects from Bluetooth regularly, which can be frustrating. With MYNT, Michael was able to access his phone’s camera controls painlessly, and spend more time with his departing coworker, rather than fussing with a remote.

We are very honored that Michael decided to reach out to us and share this story, as it reminds us that our work is appreciated and useful. Our goal is to create a smart companion that offers essential capabilities that save people time and stress, and according to Michael, we are doing a pretty good job of it. Michael found it incredibly efficient to have such daily functions incorporated into one portable device that allows him to gain some control over his life. And now, Michael shares that his experience with MYNT has been even more elevated, as he finds new ways to integrate MYNT into his life each day.