MYNT Helped A Busy Mom Organize

Moving away from home for your first day of college can be overwhelming at times. The flood of emotions can easily lead to a confused mind and cause one to overlook a number of important things. Whether it’d be forgetting your luggage from home or leaving your laptop behind on the first day of class, the MYNT was created to relieve the unnecessary stress. We were happy to hear back from Jackson and how MYNT positively affected his first week of college.

Initially, when Jackson’s mom had given him the trackers, he didn’t feel inclined to use them. Taking precaution, his mom decided to place the MYNT trackers on his most valuable items, such as his laptop, charger, wallet, and keys while Jackson was packing up. She was able to persuade Jackson to download the MYNT app since it had such a simple, user-friendly home interface and navigation. After several trips back and forth to the car, he finally felt like he was ready to head off. Jackson made a final scan of his room and jumped into his vehicle. As he drove off, he heard his phone sending an alert. When he looked down, he realized it was the MYNT app notifying him about a forgotten item. It turns out Jackson had left his laptop under his blanket in his bedroom. His school was 5 hours away from home, so he was immediately relieved he had only left the driveway until MYNT notified him. Jackson realized how much he could rely on the trackers than he had expected. After his mom told him the items she had attached the MYNTs to, he quickly decided to increase the sensitivity level for all of the trackers. He didn’t want to leave any of his valuable belongings behind this time.

On Jackson’s first day of class, he began to appreciate the multitude features of the MYNT. Before leaving for class, Jackson was having trouble finding his phone in his room. Jackson started to panic because he didn’t want to be late for class. However, he needed his phone to help him navigate around campus. Luckily, Jackson had his keys along with an MYNT tracker attached to them. He pressed the clicker and the alarm for his phone automatically sounded. The MYNT was also a convenience when Jackson had forgotten his laptop charger in his room. The moment he walked outside of his door, the MYNT app sent him a reminder for the charger.
Jackson joyfully admitted to Slightech that he was grateful he had his set of MYNT trackers to help him with his transition to college. He was having difficulty adjusting to various responsibilities, but the trackers assisted him in staying focused on what was most important. He was able to spend more time on studying than frivolously scavenging for his items.
We take pride in MYNT’s purpose to aid others in allocating time and energy on the important responsibilities. Thank you to Jackson for sharing his story and reminding us why we strive to do our best when creating our products.