MYNT App 3.0 and MYNT New Edition Release

Looking for personal items everyday is a common experience among we all, and the begrudging admittance to the cause of tardiness being the extra five minutes spent on looking for the keys, the wallet, the phone, or just about anything before a meeting or going to work could be avoided with the latest gizmo: MYNT.

MYNT’s arrival has been almost one year. During this period, useful suggestions, constructive critiques, and general use data are gathered and taken into account for the complete revision of MYNT. Let us meet MYNT App 3.0 and the MYNT New Edition.

The new app supports more types of smartphones and devices. In addition to iOS, Mac, Android devices, the App now works on Windows computers, which allows users to conduct remote control activities with MYNT connected to Windows apps.

We have heeded to our users’ advice about making the interface more intuitive for managing personal items. MYNT App 3.0 now has every MYNT in a quick access list, with easy access to MYNT settings and access settings. Now, users may go from the home page to any part of the app with less than three steps. The tracked items are distinctly visible and manageable from the home page. The GPS map page and the auxiliary functions are now centered on the home page. We have included an in-app FAQ section and customer support chat function, where users may leave text messages or voice messages 24/7. Managing personal items has never been so easy.

The MYNT New Edition has increased the MYNT alarm audibility, the battery life efficiency, and the general quality. We have revamped the manufacturing line to ensure the exceedingly carefully crafted MYNTs arrive in the palm of your hand with mint condition.