Movement and prevention

Movement and prevention

 (1) exercise can prevent cardiovascular disease. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can improve the output of cardiovascular blood, enhance myocardial contraction force, improve the blood supply of the whole body. Systemic vascular in sports also get rhythmic contraction and expansion, flexibility increases, reduce hardening of the arteries; Although the movement of the heart in order to make the body get enough blood supply, heart beat faster, so that in unit time putting out more blood, but when the motion stops, heart beat slower than normal for instead, and this kind of slow heart rate is of great benefit to health and longevity. Moreover movement need to consume energy, promote fat burning and use, thus can avoid obesity and hyperlipidemia, also reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.


 (2) the movement to the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Some people say that diabetes is a kind of diseases of the wealthy, in fact, diabetes is due to a lack of movement caused by the disease, in China, the study of different countries such as Finland and the United States found that even moderate levels of physical activity, and almost enough to prevent the occurrence of 60% Ⅱ diabetes cases. Why, then, lack of exercise can cause diabetes? Say simply, exercise can stimulate insulin secretion, accelerate cell oxidation and the use of sugar. When muscle lack of exercise, can inhibit the secretion of insulin, for a long time, will lead to glucose metabolism disorder, which causes diabetes. And the motion is accelerated fat oxidation, so less obesity. Known in the process of the onset of diabetes, obesity is also an important reason, because fat is also a kind of endocrine glands, fat cells, especially big fat cells can secrete a kind of lipid insulin suppression, can reduce the activity of insulin, so that the cells can’t good use sugar.

 (3) the exercise to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a frequently encountered disease in the elderly in threat, and sport is the most effective way to enhance calcium absorption. American orthopaedic expert Frost put forward a new idea: in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis, the mechanical factors (such as lack of calcium, vitamin D, hormone) is not the main, and in the nervous system under the control of muscle mass (including muscle piece quality and strength) is decided to bone strength (including bone mass and bone structure) of the most important factors. Only to participate in physical exercise, the right amount of calcium to make bones bearing, to improve the effect of calcium supplementation. Relevant research pointed out that bone related hormone, calcium, vitamin D can be decided to 3% – 10% of bone strength, and the influence of exercise on bone strength can reach 40%. This theory can explain why long lie beds, or most of the patients with muscle weakness disease, even calcium cannot prevent the phenomenon of osteopenia. Researchers believe that through the exercise, strengthen the ability of bone under load and muscle tension, combined with bone integrity drugs. To stimulate bone formation, restore lost bone and maintain a certain level of bone strength. So, calcium supplements combined with proper weight-bearing exercise, it is the most effective way to prevent osteoporosis.

 (4) exercise can prevent cancer. Relevant research pointed out that regular exercise can make the colorectal cancer rate is reduced by half. Because sedentary inevitably lead to intestinal peristalsis slow, constipation, and waste toxins, mainly protein breakdown products, bacterial toxins and heavy metal ions, etc., for the stimulation of intestinal wall and the intestinal mucosa cells induced mutations cause cancer. Sports can enhance intestinal peristalsis, be helpful for these toxins in time, so less cancer. In addition, because defecate expedite, reduced the reuptake of toxin, thus reducing the incidence of female breast, lung and other cancers.

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