If you are being chased by a coyote


If you are being chased by a coyote

Harvey nelson is an American guy. Nelson feels very depressed lately, 5 km cross-country race training oneself always could not reach the requirements of the coach. Hazen feel really tried my best, but the coach is always endless scold, even said that if don’t improve will kick him out of the team.

“Clearly they are not the worst, even quite good of, it happened that the coach is always so mean to myself!” Nelson again complained to his girlfriend, also in creative thinking, really not line, run the motocross will end his career. Think like this, looked at the distance of the runway, nelson gave birth to a lot of.

On November 17, 2013, nelson running shoes wore his girlfriend gave him stood at the Arizona 5 km run on the runway. The launching of gunfire rang at that moment, nelson first blunt go out. For his girlfriend, for their own ideal, nelson running hard. 1 km, 2 km, undulating grassland at the foot of his double quickly move to the rear.

“Come on, nelson!” Along the way the audience Shouting, nelson clearly hear the voice of his girlfriend, he waved his hand to his girlfriend, and accelerated the has already started to slow down the steps. In this way, nelson, and insist on nearly 1 km, pace slowed down again, he helplessly looking at nearby of the players in a bit beyond him.

Suddenly, someone shouted “Wolf, Wolf! The nelson running back to the head slightly, yeah, is indeed a furry east-west running himself. Nelson’s heart was pumping more intense, at the moment, what game, all thrown to the cloud nine, he just want to escape.

Run, run, running the brain a blank, nelson that furry things followed by chasing. Nelson did not stop, also to see other players. 1 km, 2 km, dear, nelson has found himself rushed to the destination. And at this point, that hairy guy also rushed to the end, it was just a foot nelson.

Before nelson to react, that furry things such have been rushed to the coach at the end. Nelson is so nervous, but surprisingly, flapping to coach the furry thing, not only not malicious attack, instead of affection. Opened his eyes wide, nelson, dear, coach in holding a small horse Wolf! Then, holding the small wolves coach coming to him: “congratulations, nelson, you won the championship, with the help of the hyenas.” When you talk, coach’s hand stroked the little Wolf. Hyenas? This is clearly a horse small Wolf, only its fur is a little strange. Looked puzzled nelson, the coach told him with a smile, the hyena is often a lot of people for the Wolf, hyenas are ruthless. In fact, hyenas are not predators, it feeds on insects and termites, disposition gentle, will not attack people. The horse small hyena is in after an injury, adopted by himself, for several years now, has been more and more human nature.

Originally, the coach has been that nelson have the ability to impact the champion, but after the pressure time and time again, still not see nelson’s performance with large length, is very anxious, so abrupt fantasy, let their pet small hyenas a fright, nelson. Which know this scared, it was a winner.

“This is really a terrible opponent, I didn’t dare look back it is Wolf. I don’t want to get a bite by it, so can only try very hard to run forward.” To face the people around you enquiry, nelson side tells the scene at that time, while on the move the idea behind the coach.

Doesn’t sleep at night, nelson for a long time, he wrote on his weibo: human potential is boundless, not despair, a lot of the time is unknown.

Yes, many times, we encounter difficulties, I often think unable to transcend, and choose to give up, just because you sometime early in life to quietly left a retreat. The retreat closed, bravely, maybe your life is there was a turning point in the ebb, found a steady way. Then you will find that those difficulties is only a horse chasing your hyenas.

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