I exercise my health

Every one of us should pay attention to their health, the human society progress, life modernization ceaselessly, reduces the strength of the people of physical activity, it is easy to make the body’s muscle weakness, joints become stiff and body tend to get fat, and it’s easy to tired, often bad sleep. Lack of physical exercise and cause physical discomfort will be appeared gradually with the growth of the age. Often engaged in sports, be beneficial to improve muscle, cardiovascular and respiratory function, improve the ability of nerve, endocrine and immune adjustment, improve the health, so as to achieve the body morphological structure, physiological function and exercise capacity in good condition. Make people more energetic, improve work efficiency, and mental health is the best way to prevent abnormal psychological. Often take part in physical exercise can cultivate good psychological quality, to reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety and depression, training self-consciousness, tenacity, competition consciousness, improve self-control ability, make the person learn to surpass ourselves and to surpass others. The psychological quality is beneficial to formation, cheerful personality, strong will and full of confidence. Positive and happy mood, is the power of health, happiness and success, can make people full of vitality.


 The human body is a whole, the people’s health has close relationship with emotion. Human emotion is a psychological phenomenon. Happy, relaxed, sadness, fear, nervousness, distress, depression belongs to emotional activities. Divided into two categories: positive emotions and negative emotions. Positive emotions are good for health, negative emotions affect the physical and mental health. Since ancient times in China have a “happy sad”, “anger hurt liver”, “thought the spleen injury”, “sad lung”, “fear of kidney damage,” said, is the motherland medicine attaches great importance to the relationship of the person’s mood and health. When the person mood changes, is often accompanied by physiological changes. For example, in terror, there will be a pupil greaten, thirst, sweating, his face pale and a series of changes. These physiological changes in normal circumstances, it can play a positive role of excessive negative emotions, unhappy for a long time, fear, disappointment, inhibits gastric bowel movement, which affect the digestive function. Negative, depressed or too nervous, often prone to various diseases. Therefore, only keep optimistic mood, is conducive to health.

 Each person’s mood, is will fluctuate, should take the initiative to get rid of the bad feelings. When is there anything that makes you trouble, should speak up, don’t stuffy in the heart. When things are not smooth, might as well to avoid the change of living environment, may lead to mental relaxation. If you feel yourself trouble, try to do something to help others, you will find that this will make your troubles into up, produce a kind of happy feeling do something good.

 Physical exercise is a good way to eliminate melancholy heart. Sports activities on the one hand can make the attention to the activities, the spirit of the original stress and negative emotions; On the other hand can also accelerate the blood circulation, deepen the lungs breathe, relax the nerves. Therefore, should take an active part in sports activities. Physical exercise promoting health, saying goes to: general clauses pain, use it or lose it, life is movement. Exercise is to maintain the body balance, promote health one of the most effective way. “Use it or lose it” is the universal order. The motherland medicine thinks: can pass, the general principles of the debonding, shipped chang, general principles of the general principles of the absorption, excretion, general principles of general principles of the strong. On the contrary, motionless, not general principles of stasis, not the general principles of the plug, not the general principles of the swollen, general clauses pain, not the general principles of the disease. By toning, can keep the balance of the body and the social and natural, can promote the balance of various substances the body absorb and excretion, can maintain the body’s energy supply and demand balance.

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