How to scientific fitness

How to scientific fitness

 As people living standard unceasing enhancement, in recent years, the mass movement for fitness is booming all over the country. Exploits the masses a good fitness, and to fabricate pseudo-scientific theories to deceive people, as a result, make LianGongZhe not only cannot achieve the purpose of fitness, make many people body and mind is severely damaged. As a result, people in the fitness exercise, must follow the scientific method, because, because, because people and appropriate, in this way, to achieve the best effect of exercise and long lasting, promote physical health.


Fitness to vary from person to person

In the beginning, to play taijiquan, program, walking, jogging, doing gymnastics, etc., with the augmentation of the body, after step by step, gradually increase the intensity, again for the great physiological load of exercise programs; Knowledge workers because of frequent brain, desk, and walking, jogging, mountain climbing, play ball, swimming, gymnastics, etc., it is mental workers improve cardiorespiratory function and physical fitness of a good fitness project; Retired due to age is bigger, so is unfavorable for high intensity sports, taijiquan, qigong, activities such as walking, jogging, croquet, broadcasting gymnastics can happy affection raises a gender, lengthen your life, you can choose several coordinated; Body fat person can choose to ride a bicycle, ball games, activities, such as long-distance running, swimming, jump rope, kick the shuttlecock to consume excess fat, makes the body strong and handsome, slim; Thin body should choose to enhance muscle strength and promote digestion and absorption function of sports, such as push-ups, horizontal bar & parallel bars, tubing, dumbbell; The latter, such as running, swimming, broadcast gymnastics, tai chi, ball games, etc.

 Fitness to the difference between individual character characteristic

 Disposition extroversion, the group project will give them more pleasure and excitement. Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing and other competitive activities, let the movement of the high and low and others.

 Personality introverted people tend to not suitable for engaged in competitive and too intense movement, competing with others may bring the psychological pressure, might as well choose walking, jogging, swimming, boating, tai chi, etc. Can be alone for sport.

 Optimal bodybuilding: many young men and women pursue strong and handsome, as long as the persistence of aerobics and gymnastics movement, strengthen the balance and coordination exercises, will received obvious effect.

 Fitness to follow the rules of physiological

 At the start of the campaign, must first do some moderate and low activity of warm-up exercise, the body before entering the strenuous exercise have a preparation, such as brisk walking, jogging, joints can be performed to stretching, it can increase the flexibility of joint tissue and muscle coordination. When doing aerobic equipment training, start can be set low intensity, low speed, to heart rate, blood circulation, improve energy metabolism and body temperature rises, then gradually increase the intensity and speed, in this way, both help make a muscle activity efficiency and lubrication of joints, and can prevent sports injury. In the process of start, according to oneself circumstance reasonable arrangement of exercise, aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes or longer, in moderate or above moderate intensity, heart rate between 130-170, muscles to select the appropriate weight, muscle training and aerobic training to match.

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