How to do the correct sports keeping in goodhealth

How to do the correct sports keeping in goodhealth

Life is movement, only exercise more at ordinary times, can we have a healthy body, the disease will not infringe your body. We must pay attention to the sports keeping in good health in the movement, because in this way can the body more healthy. Sport also has the certain principles of preserve one’s health, so what are the principles of the sports keeping in good health? The following will introduce sports keeping in good health for you should follow the three principles.


 1, grasp the workout. During exercise, must grasp the size of the amount of exercise, carry momentum is too small to reach the purpose of the exercise, much more than the tolerance limit of the body, and cause the body to suffer from fatigue. Therefore, exercise regimen emphasized step by step, our strengths.

 2, to persist in the spirit. Physical exercise is not happen overnight, it needs long-term insist, not continuous. Famous doctor hua tuo that “a rolling stone gathers no moss, on the one hand pointed out that” the move is long “, on the other hand also emphasized the importance of child, uninterrupted exercise often. Therefore, only persistence and perseverance exercise, can we truly have the effect of physical fitness.

 3, to overwork. Sports keeping in good health, is not to say do exercise to keep over a long period of time, but to have primary activity, please have escape, can achieve the purpose of keeping in good health. Tension and strong movement, to rest and relax, pranayama phase alternating motion. For a long time after exercise, must pay attention to proper rest, otherwise will affect the normal life and work, cause mental fatigue, affect the keeping in good health fitness purpose.

  Through the above introduction, believe everybody for sports keeping in good health already has a certain understanding, so we are in the sports keeping in good health, can’t go casual sport, because only the correct movement can have better effect to the body.

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