How a Mother of two began to improve her health

Gloria, a working mom, who has had issues with her health as of late, wrote us and told us the following story of how the SLife app is helping her become healthier. Even though she worked a full-time job and took great care of her two children, her physical well-being deteriorated to the point of her becoming overweight.
This is what she writes,
“Since my Doctor told me that if I did not lose weight, I run a higher risk of a heart attack. After hearing this, I thought it was time for a change. Not just for my sake, but for the sake of my husband, and our two children.”
Once Gloria downloaded SLife, she discovered the power of the app immediately, all she had to do was enter her age, gender, weight, and height and away she went to begin her journey back to a healthy mind and body. She further states, “This app helps me track my daily routine by monitoring my activities, such as how far I walk, when I am at rest, and it helps me adjust the intensity of any physical activity. Overall, I noticed an increase in my energy levels as I began to lose weight.”
Gloria went on to say, “ It prompts me when it is time to do certain tasks because of its ability to identify my most active periods of my day.”
Since Gloria has been using SLife, she tells us that she’s dropped ten pounds in addition to dropping one dress size, and she went on to tell us that “I feel healthier as well as having gained a new outlook on finding ways to stay on track to lose more weight. My goal is to drop twenty more pounds, which will be easy with the help of the SLife app.”
Gloria’s results are a great example of the type of positive impact that our SLife app can have when people see the results they can get. Gloria was able to achieve her success because of the realistic goals that are calculated and set for her through SLife based on her activities.
The goal, here at Slightech is to ensure that SLife is easy to use and customize to fit the needs of each user. In today’s world with people being on the go and having busier lives, filled with trying to divide their time between family, work, having a social life and trying to stay healthy. We completely understand how SLife can benefit anyone who uses it.
Additionally, people just like Gloria understand the importance of staying healthy no just for peace of mind, or self-esteem, but also for those they love. As you have become aware of the power of having a tool that helps track your daily activities and that sets your activity level and what it can help you accomplish, it isn’t any wonder that Gloria is achieving her goals.