Feedback From A Valued MYNT User

MYNT: My Life Saver

Some things are easier than others. For me, keeping track of my belongings has always been something that I struggle with. I have used every excuse as to why I misplaced my items. “I was in a hurry. I have a lot on my mind right now. I am exhausted from work. I can’t always remember everything with my busy schedule.” It’s all been said.


A few months ago, I lost my phone for the second time this year. The misplaced device cost incurred to replace the device, emotional drainage, and time spent fixing the situation put me overboard. It was time to change my habits and help myself. That’s when I purchased MYNT.


I discovered MYNT by researching the top tracking devices on Google. What sold me on MYNT was the device’s multifunctionality. Not only does MYNT keep track of your belongings, but it can play music, control PowerPoint or Keynote slides, and take pictures via Bluetooth. As an associate at a global investment and advisory firm, I am constantly giving presentations. Further, I always need to be organized with my belongings in check. If I can’t productively serve myself, how can I be expected to serve my clients? MYNT’s ability for me to control my presentations with ease while tracking my items at the same time has made life much easier. Not only does it take the need to remember everything off my mind, but it puts me at ease knowing that someone – in this case something – has my back.


I recommend MYNT to all of my friends now and constantly share this story with them when advocating for the product. It was my 24th birthday, and I was running late to my dinner downtown. Of course, I was in a hurry with multiple things on my mind – how my business presentation earlier in the day went, what needed to be done at work tomorrow, what I should wear that night, how I would get to dinner – cab or subway, and when I would find time to pack for my weekend at the beach to celebrate my birthday. I was running around my apartment in a frenzy, and when I finally left, I had left my phone behind. Luckily, my MYNT tracker was in my purse and sounded before I even stepped into the elevator of my apartment building. I was able to quickly turn around and grab my phone before it was too late. The night continued, and dinner was delicious. The evening was filled with laughs, and we recounted many memories and good times. My friends were more than generous with the gifts they brought me. When it was time to leave, my hands were full with all of my new goodies to take home. I had requested another Uber car to take me home, but this time, when I left my restaurant, it was my purse that I left behind. Somehow with all of the gifts in my arms, I couldn’t tell that my purse was not one of the items being carried. As I walked away from the dinner table, phone in hand, it sounded, and I was able to turn around and retrieve my purse, which was still slung over the back of my chair.


I laughed at myself the entire car ride home. MYNT’s bi-directional tracking was able to notify me when I lost two different types of items – my phone and my purse. It’s amazing. In one evening alone, MYNT saved the day for me twice. I cannot imagine not having MYNT on me at all times now. In life’s hectic moments, MYNT is there.