Exercise little common sense

NO. 1 don’t squat rest

This is a very common practice, sports after feeling tired, just squat down or sit down and think can save Labour and rest, in fact, this is a mistake. If immediately after exercise squat down to rest, hinders lower limb blood flow, influence the blood circulation, to deepen the body fatigue. Serious would produce gravitational shock.

Therefore, every time after the movement should be breathing rhythm, do some low quantity of heat of activities, such as walk for a walk, do some sections relaxation exercise, or simply take a deep breath, prompting limb blood backflow heart, help pay off a “anaerobic”, accelerate the return to fitness, eliminate fatigue. Really tired when also can let the company took a walk.

NO. 2 don’t greedy cold drinks

Sports make people often kubla khah dripping wet, especially in the summer, with a large amount of water consumption, always feel thirsty, need to drink water after the movement, mainly young people, mostly like to buy some cold drink good quench thirst. However at this time the body of the digestive system is still in check status, low digestive function. If the figure was cool and quench thirst and greedy lots of cold drinks, easy to cause stomach cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and trigger gastrointestinal diseases. So, don’t greedy immediately after exercise a lot of cold drink, at this time is suitable for added a small amount of water or salt water.

NO. 3 don’t eat immediately

The violent exercise, exercise, especially the nerve center in a highly excited state. Under its influence, management activities of the internal organs of the parasympathetic nervous system, strengthen the inhibition of the activity on the digestive system. With, when in motion, the whole body blood redistribution, and the need of sports supplies its organs, and abdominal cavity organs supply relatively reduced. The above factors make the gastrointestinal peristalsis is abate, the secretion of various digestive gland greatly reduced. It should be at the end of the campaign after 20 to 30 minutes to recover. If rushed to have a meal, will increase the burden of digestive organ, cause dysfunction, and even cause a variety of diseases.

NO. 4 don’t plunge in body temperature

Exercise the body surface of blood vessels, increased body temperature, pores, increased sweating. If I walk in air conditioning air conditioning room immediately after a workout or enjoy the trip in tuyere or figure punch with cold water cooler, can make skin tight shut sweat caused by the temperature regulating physiological function disorder, immune function decline and cause a cold, diarrhea, asthma symptoms.

NO. 5 don’t smoke

Smoking after exercise, breathing the air in the lungs with a lot of smoke, on the one hand, in addition to reduce oxygen content, bad pay off “anaerobic”, it is difficult to eliminate body fatigue; On the other hand, when inhaled it with fog, the air will affect the human body in the alveolar gas exchange, bring about human body in motion after appear bosom frowsty, due to lack of oxygen to asthma, breathing difficulties, dizziness, fatigue, etc.

Don’t omit NO. 6 relax finishing activities

Finishing practice shows that relaxing activities not only can make the movement of the cerebral cortex excitability and faster heart rate, breathing frequency, through appropriate to relax the brain-storming, walking, relaxing massage, breathing rhythm relaxation technique, etc Back to the front of the movement state of quiet, and also helps to restore muscle fatigue, reduce acid bilges unwell, and can avoid exercise after the dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, vertigo etc. Bad phenomenon. So, every time after fitness to fully complete relaxation exercise, to facilitate the recovery of the body and to increase the workout.

NO. 7 don’t immediately take a bath

Many athletes in a practice game or immediately after take a shower, think such as well as decontamination can eliminate fatigue. In fact, it is not scientific. Because in the exercise, increase in the number of blood flow to the muscles, the heart rate memories. Stop movement, this kind of situation will continue for a period of time, if then a hot bath immediately, can make the blood is not enough to supply other vital organs, such as heart and brain, will feel dizziness, nausea, whole body have no power, serious still can cause other diseases, so particular attention should be paid.

The cold bath immediately after exercise is to do more harm than good. Due to the movement of time strengthen body metabolism process, subcutaneous blood vessels, and sweating a lot. Cold bath immediately after exercise, make the body produce the large amount of heat Not well distributed, forms the internal heat outside cool, destroy the balance of the body, so easy to get sick. Correct method is to have a rest after exercise, such as pulse smoothly again after a shower, wash with warm water bath is advisable.

NO. 8 should not be a lot of sugar

Some people after an intense workout feel comfortable eating some sweets or sugar water, just think it’s good to eat much sweets after motion, actually after exercising too much sweet food can make vitamin B1 mass consumption, people will feel tired, loss of appetite and so on, affect the physical recovery. Therefore, after strenuous exercise had better eat more a few contain the food with vitamin B1, such as vegetables, liver, eggs, etc.

NO. 9 cannot drink probably

Strenuous exercise the posterity of the body is in a state of high level, the drink can make the body faster absorption of alcohol into the blood, the harm of liver, stomach and other organs will be even more than usual. So for a long time can cause fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer disease, dementia, etc. Drink beer after motion is not good, it will increase the uric acid in the blood, make the joints to the trigger inflammation.

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