Chris’ Adventure In Yosemite 

Chris, his parents and the extended family traveled to Yosemite in June with the plan for site seeing and catching up with relatives. The gathering and subsequent hiking through the Tuolumne Meadows called for meticulous planning. Chris must make sure all the necessities are accounted for, including those for his aging parents and his nephews and nieces. Essentially, Chris must make sure everyone’s backpack are organized with the necessary items, since they must share the food and drinks, sunscreen, bug spraycompass, GPS, medicine, and more.

Chris’ nephews are teenagersnot the well-organized types. To save timeso they may depart the camp early in the day without worrying about losing full backpacks of food or leaving anything behind, Chris put MYNT on all of the backpacks and necessity items. It was a fitting solution. In the early mornings, the teenagers did not prepare or check the backpacks as Chris have predictedNot bringing all the things would have proved a disaster for the two-day hiking trip. Chris’ parents could become sick, his eight-year-old daughter would feel miserable throughout the trip, and his relatives would certainly complain and use this against Chris in all future gatherings to come.

The solution was as simple as he hoped. He opened the MYNT app, clicked on all the MYNT connected, and accounted for each prepared backpacks within a nick of time. The pleasantry did not stop there. When two nephews adventured off the trail, Chris received notice through MYNT immediately, and brought them back to the main groupavoiding a potentially dangerous situation. At night, a bobcat attempted to steal one of the food backpacks while the group retreated to the tents before failing to sleep. Chris drew immediate notice when the backpack traveled off the range, and Chris shooed off the curious bobcat.

MYNT was great as a communication beacon. As the trail leader, Chris walked in front of the whole group, but his parents walked in the rear. MYNT became a calling beacon when the wireless signal stopped functioning in the remote park area. When his parents need anything, Chris’ phone would ring and receive a notice asking for help. Needless to say, Chris’ family hiking trip in Yosemite was a success.

We wrote back to Chris for sharing this great story, and the innovative ways he showed us about using MYNT. We also sent him a new pack of MYNTs for his great story.