Angela’s solution with MYNT

We recently received a kind email from one of our friends and customers, Angela, who works as a professor at a local community college. Fortunately, Angela agreed to let us share some of her positive insights regarding MYNT’s capabilities, and how the smart companion remote for presentations significantly impacted her daily activities.

Angela first looked to the brand name Wireless Presenter as her remote of choice, hearing from other colleagues as well as reviews that it surpassed other devices. However, she soon found that the remote died within a week, which frustrated her in light of its high price. Within that week, she found the remote useful, but reported that the buttons needed to be pressed quite hard, and that the key bindings were fixed and could not be changed. After explaining her situation to support, she did not find sufficient advice or compensation for her troubles, and so she moved on to another device. This time, she went for a much less expensive remote by another brand, after reading rave reviews on Amazon. And yet, she found the remote to be terribly unreliable and again, the device died within a month, and the hardware proved to be flimsy.

Luckily, a friend of Angela happened to recommend our device, claiming that its remote functionalities rivaled those of other more renowned brands, and encouraged her to try our product. According to Angela, the feel and design of MYNT complimented her lifestyle more seamlessly, and the tracker was easy to slip into her bag or pocket. Additionally, its year-long battery life was proven to be reliable and noteworthy, and the ability to order another battery straight from the app saved Angela more time and stress. Also, she was elated to find that MYNT allows you to change the key-bindings of the device via the intuitive app, according to your preference. Similarly, Angela discovered that the extra capabilities, such as the ability to track her keys and other possessions, as well as operate as a remote for her speaker, offered more advantageous aspects.

We are thrilled to hear from Angela and know that MYNT has been improving her life and work. We strive daily to create and innovate products that allow the user to engage with the world more meaningfully rather than fussing with confusing devices, and to save time to do what matters most.