A Musician’s Life Saver

When you have a busy lifestyle, it’s difficult to keep track of your valuable possessions constantly. You should be able to enjoy the moments of your daily life effortlessly without fretting about the little things. We recently received a positive email from a user, Jordan, who was eager to share his MYNT experience. Jordan is talented musician part of a small-town band that recently received its big break. Jordan and his band procured the opportunity to travel around the U.S. for their first nation-wide tour. This life-changing tour drastically really changed Jordan’s day-to-day agenda. From back-to-back meetings to around the clock rehearsals in the studio, he was always on the go. 

Jordan admits that he’s always had a knack for keeping track of his personal belongings. He recently made a mistake that could have easily ruined his first experience on the tour. Fortunately, Jordan stumbled upon on our Facebook page and was curious about the MYNT tracker. Although he attached them to some of his valuable items, he instinctually relied on his mental checklist. He began to contemplate returning the MYNTs since he wasn’t relying on them for help.

Jordan hadn’t traveled outside of his hometown of Dallas, Texas until his band was offered the one-month tour contract. He never experienced the anxiety of traveling around the country with more than just a weekend bag. After their first show, Jordan began to realize how easy it was to forget any one of his personal items. His shows took up a lot of energy and made his mind a little groggy afterward. With a crowd of over 500 people, Jordan and his band played their biggest show in New Jersey with a standing ovation! Once the show was over, Jordan was feeling a whirlwind of emotions. The band quickly loaded onto the bus to make its way to Boston for their next show. He heard an unfamiliar tone coming from his phone. He looked down at his phone and saw a written alert from his MYNT app. Jordan immediately saw that he left his guitar behind at the venue and had the driver turn back. Jordan bashfully admitted that he was immensely appreciative for MYNT’s prompt and straightforward alert system. He even decided to raise his MYNT’s sensitivity level to receive notifications the second he walked out the door. Jordan is grateful that he can entirely rely on MYNT to care for all of his personal items and relieve the weight off his shoulders. He can’t imagine ever traveling without at least one of his favorite sleek trackers. We couldn’t resist sending Jordan and his band an extra package of MYNT trackers to aid them on their successful musical journey!