A lot of good foot movement

A lot of good foot movement

In harmony to nature: under the sun bath, out of psychological haze, release nervous depressive mood and thoughts unpleasant feeling, to relax and comfortable mood, let yourself into nature, close to the natural, wild.

Detoxification weight loss: foot belong to aerobic exercise, is also an effective campaign to eliminate excess fat, can adjust the diet helps the body too much fat energy produced by bad habits.

Will see the world: the journey on foot may encounter unexpected difficulties, need wisdom and ability and will be addressed and overcome.

At the same time, the walking motion function is also beneficial to human body. In the cardiovascular system, can improve the myocardial function and blood vessel elasticity; Improve the blood fat, reducing blood viscosity and platelet aggregation rate, so as to prevent high blood viscosity and prevent the happening of the accident such as heart cerebrovascular embolization or broken. In the respiratory system, can improve the elasticity of the lung tissue and well contraction ability, improve the pulmonary ventilation and ventilation function, enhance the body’s ability to oxygen; To prevent the elderly chronic bronchitis and other lung cancer the happening of the disease. In the nervous system, can improve the thinking ability of the brain, make it become more flexible and more clear, effectively eliminate fatigue, mental tension and anxiety, improve sleep quality. Improve the brain blood supply. In the digestive system, can improve human gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation, increase the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate the digestion and absorption of nutrients, reducing gastritis, enteritis, diarrhea, constipation and the incidence of gastrointestinal tumor. In the sports system, can effectively stimulate the activity of bone cells, increase the growth hormone is released, prevent osteoporosis, enhance the muscle strength and joint flexibility, reducing fracture and the damage of muscle injury, joint dislocation, etc.

Planning and preparation before hiking

Reasonable exercise program on foot is the important premise of foot movement. Before you go to on foot to walk the line, set off a round trip mileage, time, place, etc to do a complete and detailed scheme. The day’s weather, terrain, landform, difficulty coefficient of walking paths, and risk factor, etc., all want to have a full understanding and master, and have to deal with the emergency plan.

The second is to be prepared for the necessary material. Including backpacks, fast drying clothes (sunscreen), hiking shoes, hats, sunglasses and watches, emergency medicine, food, water, maps, compasses. Recommended items including sticks, towel, plastic bags, spare clothing, camera, head lamp and waterproof bag.

According to plans to speed and their fitness to walk; When hiking, appreciate the beautiful scenery around; Learn to rest with the pace of walking, control the pace and rhythm; When walking to science, replenish water, and food; On foot to systematic, scientific, in the process of active rest; Make full use of the sticks.

To be safe movement on foot

Anti fatigue: should take correct when walking exercise, walking walking for personal habits. Don’t rush to the road, the planned walking, rhythmically. Don’t go flat roads, or rough road to go path.

Prevent feet c: if you wear new shoes or grinding foot does not fit, or because the walking is not correct, your feet when walking certain parts a sense of pain, friction, may in the post a medical adhesive, normally can prevent foot c.

Warm heat: foot movement generally walking on the wide field, hiking in the north should bring some light and good property of warm clothes ready to warm. The south should be ready to rain, heat, clothing.

Collapse prevention: hiking, body of water through sweat out of the body, a lot of sweat easily make electrolyte imbalance in the body and to collapse. Before you can do to prepare tea and salt water to drink at any time, to prevent the occurrence of collapse phenomenon on the way.

Before departure should carry some of the common cold, heat, medicine and trauma, drug use.

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