A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle – choose movement type and amount of exercise

 Exercise is targeted, fixed a practice can only improve some parts of the body, that is to say, different sports can bring you different benefits. So when the choice, should follow the principle of the more the better. Best gradually increase movement type, frequency of exercise and sports.

 The movement of recommendations for adults

 Aerobic exercise. Select one of the following two criteria:

 Moderate exercise intensity, at least 30 minutes each time, at least five days a week, it is best to 1 times a day


 Strenuous exercise, at least 20 minutes every time, at least 3 days per week

 Resistance, strength, weight-bearing exercises.

 Practice 2 times per week, it merges into exercise schedule. Strength training, including increased muscle endurance, improve muscle strength and muscle mass. Choose 8 to 10 counts of strength training, every movement repeat 8-15 times.

  Four important types of motion:

 Endurance training to enhance the function of the heart, lungs and circulatory system, to help prevent or delay the onset of disease;

 Force can enhance the strength of the body’s muscles, muscle senescence process effectively;

 Balance ability training can prevent the elderly fall;

 Stretching exercises to become slim and resilient.


1. If you carry momentum is too big, movement frequency fast, easy to damaged muscle and organization.

 2. Passion for sports need to last a lifetime, only lasting sports habit, can benefit from it.

How much exercise is appropriate? It depends on your physical condition and moving targets. In the beginning, can choose only one or two interesting projects, in their own can afford within the scope of training plan, gradually adding more exercise to come in, but at the same time to ensure he can stick to.

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